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Mineral Survey Two

SIX WEST Director, Paul McCabe is a Chartered Minerals Surveyor with 30 years of knowledge and experience in the Irish Minerals Industry covering the exploration, development and extraction of hard rock, sand, gravel, coal, gypsum, rock salt, lead and zinc.

We have recently carried out a number of minerals resource assessments for the sale of active hard rock quarries. We have also undertaken minerals valuations for financial institutions, government bodies and private operators in both N and S Ireland. We produce surveys and plans of quarries and pits which are used for reserve assessment, valuations, quarry design, minerals planning applications and environmental impact assessment.

We offer the following minerals surveying services

  • Evaluation of Mineral Deposits
  • Minerals Valuation
  • Surveys and Plans of Quarries and Mines
  • Quarry & Pit Design
  • Geotechnical Appraisal
  • Exploration & Geological Assessments
  • Minerals Reserve Assessment
  • Volumetric Surveys for Stripping & Stockpiles
  • Minerals Sales & Leasing Advice
  • Minerals Exploration Licence Applications
  • Mining Lease Applications
  • Independent Blast Vibration Monitoring & Analysis

Mineral Survey Three

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